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This is for everyone who feels equal to the respective topics of the workshops and wants to intensely improve his own dancing.

Beginners should first start with regular classes before attending the intensive workshops.

Sun the 1st Mar 2020

Intensive Tango Workshops
16:30 – 18:00 Intermediate Level with Manolis
18:00 – 19:30 Advanced Level with Manolis and Flavia
19:30 – 21:30 Practilonga

20 € / Workshop
15 € / Workshop Students

On Sunday the 1st of March
Workshop at 4.30 – 6.00 pm

25 € / Workshop (practica included)
15 € / Workshop Students (practica included)
5 € / Practica

On Sunday the 1st of March
Workshop at 6.00 – 7.30 pm
Practica at 7.30 – 9.30 pm


We like working with different teachers from all over the world but also from Munich itself.

When there are new workshops coming up we’ll inform you here about our guest teachers. So stay tuned, it’s going to be exciting.

Flavia Cristaldo

Tango Teacher from Argentina

Flavia Criastaldo

My name is Flavia Cristaldo, born in La Boca / Buenos Aires, Argentina. For 19 years I have dedicated myself to the Tango Argentino, was trained by Gustavo Naveira, Chicho Frimboli, Lucia Mazer, Pablo and Dana, Guillermina Quiroga, Rodolfo Dinzel and many others. In well-known theaters of the city (Buenos internationals) I danced with the orchestras Sexteto Mayor, El Arranque, Color Tango and others. both in known milongas in which I also taught, Gricel, c.c. Torcato Tasso; La Ideal, La Nacional, Salon Caning. At the age of six, I started with a long-time ballet education followed by flamenco, modern and contemporary dance. International I taught, danced and DJ in Luxemburg Sweden, Norway, Finland, Japan, Prague, Italy, Greece and Germany where I actually teach and live. My work is based on exploring the body, allowing the capacity of natural energy to flow and move. Tango as a synonym of expression with its advanced techniques shaped my education. The emergence of creativity as well as learn, dance, hear, feel and enjoy. Also, I want to dance, especially at Tango Argentino, respect each other and still let the leadership and be led, the dancers mediate. The leader makes an offer to the guided person but does not enforce it. It should be a dance together.

Manolis Tsagkarakis

Tango Teacher from Crete

Manolis Tsagkarakis

Manolis is a Tango and Salsa teacher from Heraklion. He has been teaching Tango in many cities of Crete since 2004. He built up the Tango communities in Crete and had a decisive impact on their development having initiated Tango in many different places in Crete. He organized weekly milongas at “La Brasserie” in Heraklion and at the “Centre for Byzantine Art” in Rethymno. Together with Nikos Dalamagkas, he organizes the Cretango Festival in Heraklion in March and the Crete tango trip in Sitia in May. Manolis founded the “Tangolatino”, “Tango Salsa Heraklion” in Heraklion and the “Tango in Rethymno” in Rethymno city and he started and keeps organizing, in cooperation with all tango groups in crete, the famous Ctangomeeting every first Saturday of August in Bali north of Crete. Since he moved to Munich 2017 he has been working as a physics teacher at the Greek School Munich and also as a Tango and Salsa teacher at different locations. In his dance classes, he focusses on musicality and movement and deconstructs figure elements to make them accessible to his students. He is the teacher who loves to teach his students the knowledge he has acquired through years of hard work, patience and effort. He tries to explain complex themes and difficult dance figures so easily that everyone can understand them. Manolis developed the idea of an ongoing cultural and dance exchange between the Tango communities in Munich and Crete and elsewhere, and the result is “Tango MUC-HER” with many different teachers from Germany and Greece.

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We’re dancing in a big room in the Greek Cultural Centre, with lots of space on the dance floor. It’s only 30 meters on foot from the U-Bahn station U6 Nordfriedhof, on the right-hand side of the Greek church. There’s also plenty of parking space.