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Tango Muc-Her

Tango Muc-Her was founded and developed by Manolis Tsagkarakis, who comes from Crete and now lives in Munich. His goal is to expand the tango community and bring together people from all over the world through dancing. The idea is to exchange knowledge about the beautiful language and form of communication of the Tango Argentino.

Manolis has done a great deal to establish the tango scene in Crete, especially in Heraklion.  He now also teaches in Munich. He travels a lot between Munich and Heraklion to dance in both cities. 

The most important thing while dancing is mutual respect. And of course the lady – la mujer.

This is how the name was created. Munich. Heraklion. Mujer. Tango Muc-Her.

The Tango Muc-Her Team offers regular classes, workshops, tango events and tango trips to Crete.

If you want to take part in our activities, please let us know and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. We hope to see you soon in one of our classes or maybe on an amazing tango trip to Crete.