Tango Argentino im Alpenvorland

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Tango MucHer offers Tango Argentino: regular classes, special workshops, practicas, milongas and festivals in Holzkirchen, Munich and tango trips to Crete. Discover the beautiful feeling of dancing and connecting with other people by joining one of our dance groups.

All you need is dance


You’ve always wanted to feel the joy of dancing but you don’t know where and how to start? Here is the right place to get in touch with one of the most beautiful and powerful instruments of the human species. The body! Learn how to control it, how to feel elegant and how to understand a non-verbal language between two people. Learn how to dance.

This is what we offer. Stay tuned, because there’s more coming up soon.

Learn Tango

Leave your comfort zone and start dancing. Now is the time. We give regular tango classes in Munich and Holzkirchen. From time to time we organize workshops with different guest teachers. Come by to check it out for yourself.

Dance Tango

Whether you’re a seasoned tango dancer or just starting out, we offer a welcoming and inclusive community for all to come and enjoy the beautiful art of tango.

Come join us and let the music move you!

Tango Holidays

Do you want to keep dancing during your holidays and visit one of the most beautiful islands of Europe? Come and join us on one of our dance adventures to Crete.